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Layering. An excellent strategy to lớn add interest to lớn the extremely casual wardrobe. But tomboy (AKA Sturdy Gals) hate excess fabric. This is partly because it’s hard to lớn carry heavy stuff around when our coats keep getting caught up, and partly because when long cloth panels hố from our broad shoulders we start to lớn look lượt thích old-fashioned voting booths. Or superheroes.

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Enter short-over-long layers.

You may remember that UNIQLO “Jasper Johns” tank from two summers back, as well as the short cadet xanh rờn UNIQLO field jacket from close to lớn always.

Add my new brown Dickers (alert alert these are on sale for 40% off at net-a-porter!), narrow-for-boyfriend 3 year-old Citizen of Humanity jeans (teeny cuff for more texture), a pair of antique gold Swedish chandeliers, some Ray-Ban aviators, a 4-year old Bottega Veneta crossbody messenger, and off we go for dinner. San Francisco nights.

Oh, wait, don’t leave yet. That tank makes for a lotta lotta navy on the chest and belly. Unbroken, it’s ungraceful. Unadorned, the rust flag across the belt line brings to lớn mind a butcher’s apron. So I pulled out another piece of antique jewelry, this time from my father’s family. A lariat locket.

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You could also wear something lượt thích this, held together with a bar clip or brooch.

There, now we can eat. White bean stew and a gin martini, anyone?

Wholly Recreatable Short-Over-Long

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