na2s o3 + hcl

The reaction between Na2SO3 and HCl takes place between strong acid HCl and sodium sulphite base. Let us see how HCl & NaSO3 reacts.

HCl + Na2SO3 is a reaction between strong acid and weak base. It is a double displacement reaction. Hydrogen chloride is khuông from anhydrous hydrochloric acid and sodium sulphite is a inorganic chemical which is white in colour and soluble in water.

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 This article describes the various fact of HCl & Na2SO3 reactions lượt thích the product, reaction type, enthalpy of reaction, conjugate pairs, ionic equation and many more.

What is the product of HCl and Na2SO3?

NaCl salt SO2 gas and H2O are produced when HCl reacts with Na2SO3.

2HCl + Na2SO3 2NaCl + H2O + SO2

What type of reaction is HCl + Na2SO3?

HCl + Na2SO3 is an acid-base reaction. Which is also called neutralization or displacement reaction. HCl act as a strong acid & Na2SO3 is a weak base.

How to lớn balance HC l+ Na2SO3?

The HCl + Na2SO3 equation is balanced by following the steps.

  • Reaction of HCl & Na2SO3 is as follows which is not balanced.
  • HCl + Na2SO3 = NaCl + H2O + SO2
  • For balancing Na2 multiply NaCl by 2 on the right-hand side ví we get.
  • HCl + Na2SO3 = 2NaCl + H2O + SO2
  • For balancing 2 Cl multiplied HCl by 2 on the left-hand side which is as follows.
  • 2HCl + Na2SO3 = 2NaCl + H2O + SO2.

HCl + Na2SO3 titration

HCl + Na2SO3 reaction comes under strong acid weak base titration which is carried out in the following way.

Apparatus and Chemicals used in titration

Burette, pipette, conical flask, burette stand, measuring volumetric flask, beaker, methyl red indicator, hydrochloric acid, sodium sulphite, distilled water.


  • Na2SO3 standard solution is prepared by weighting a particular weight of Na2SO3 and dissolving it in distilled water then making up the volume of the volumetric flask up to lớn the mark.
  • Also prepared HCl solution of the same concentration as that of Na2SO3.
  • Fill the burette with a standardized Na2SO3 solution. Take 10 ml of HCl solution in the conical flask and 2-3 drops of methyl red indicator were added in the same flask.
  • Now Na2SO3 solution is added dropwise from the burette into the HCl conical flask till the colour changes from orange to lớn light pink.
  • This colour change indicated the endpoint of the reaction where acid and base neutralized each other.  
  • The final reading was noted and determined the amount of Na2SO3 required to lớn neutralize the HCl by the M1V1 =M2V2 formula.

HCl + Na2SO3 net ionic equation

  • The net ionic equation for HCl + Na2SO3 chemical reaction is.
  • 2 Na+ + SO3 + 2 H+ + 2 Cl–    2 Na + + 2 Cl + H2O + SO2 + O
  • Similar moieties cancel with each other on both sides.
  • SO3 + 2 H+  H2O + SO2 + O.

HCl + Na2SO3 conjugate pairs

  • The conjugate pair of HCl is Cl. HCl which donates a proton to lớn khuông Cl- ion. Which acts as a conjugate acid.
  • While Na2SO3 accepts a proton and forms NaCl thus acting as a conjugate base.

HCl and Na2SO3 intermolecular forces

HCl and Na2SO3 show two types of intermolecular forces which are as follows.

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  • HCl shows dipole-dipole or London dispersion force.
  • Na2SO3 shows ion-dipole intermolecular force between the positive Na ion and negative SO3– ion.

HCl + Na2SO3 reaction enthalpy

The reaction enthalpy of HCl+ Na2SO3 is

CompoundNo. Of MolesBond enthalpy (ΔH⁰f (KJ/mol)
Bond enthalpy values
  • Enthalpy of reaction is calculated by the following reaction
  • Reaction enthalpy (ΔH) of HCl+ Na2SO3 = enthalpy of product – enthalpy of reactant = [2*(-411) +(-297) +(-286)] – [2*(-92.2) + 298.15 = -1291.3 KJ/mol.

Is HCl + Na2SO3 a buffer solution

HCl+Na2SO3 is not a buffer solution. A buffer solution is formed by weak acid and weak base but HCl is strong acid and Na2SO3 is a salt hence it cannot khuông a buffer solution.

Is HCl+ Na2SO3 a complete reaction?

HCl + Na2SO3 is a complete reaction as the reaction khuông a stable product from the reactant.

Is HCl + Na2SO3 an exothermic or endothermic reaction?

HCl+ Na2SO3 is an exothermic reaction as it has a negative enthalpy of reaction means this reaction release heat during the product formation.

Is HCl + Na2SO3 a redox reaction?

HCl + Na2SO3 is not a redox reaction because the oxidation state is the same in the reactant and product.

Is HCl + Na2SO3 a precipitation reaction?

HCl + Na2SO3 reaction is not a precipitation reaction becausein this reaction NaCl is formed as a product which is a salt and dissolves in water ví it cannot precipitate.

Is HCl+ Na2SO3 reversible or irreversible reaction?

HCl + Na2SO3 is irreversible reaction because the product obtained cannot reversed to lớn generate reactant.

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Is HCl + Na2SO3 displacement reaction

HCl + Na2SO3 is a double displacement reaction. Because the Cl anion of exchange with Na+ cation.  Also, H+ cation displace with O.

                                     2HCl + Na2SO3              2 NaCl + H2O + SO2


HCl + Na2SO3 is a double displacement reaction it is khuông by the strong acid and weak base. It is an exothermic reaction it cannot khuông buffer solution. This is not a precipitation reaction. Also, it is an irreversible reaction.