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Hydrochloric acid and Sodium oxide both are inorganic compounds but HCl is in a liquid state and, Na2O is solid in the sườn of a mineral. Let us discuss HCl and Na2O reactions.

HCl is a colorless acid and, known by another name muriatic acid, its physical property depends on the concentration, and is one of the important acids used by chemists vĩ đại perform important analyses in labs as a strong acid. Na2O is a solid presence in antifluorite crystalline structure and strong base.

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In the following parts of the article, we will talk about HCl and Na2O products, conjugate pairs, intermolecular forces of attraction, etc.

What is the product of HCl and Na2O

NaCl is the final product of the reaction HCl+Na2O

2HCl +Na2O= 2NaCl + HOH

What type of reaction is HCl + Na2O

The reaction of HCl with Na2O is a neutralization reaction. The reaction of HCl + Na2O dissociates the atoms into cations and anions and then, neutralizes the ions of each other vĩ đại sườn NaCl with water.

How vĩ đại balance HCl + Na2O

The following steps are there vĩ đại balance the reaction.

  • Label the coefficients of the reactant and product with alphabets
  • A HCl + B Na2O = C NaCl + D HOH
  • Modify the equation with a suitable number for the reactant and product
  • H –> A = D, Cl –> A = C, Na –> B = C, O –> B = D
  • Determine the values of all coefficients and variable
  • A = 2, B = 1, c =2, D = 1
  • The final balanced equation is –
  • 2 HCl +  Na2O = 2 NaCl +  HOH

HCl + Na2O titration

In order, vĩ đại determine the unknown concentration of Na2O we can carry out titration between HCl and Na2O

Apparatus used

  • Burette
  • Pipette
  • Conical flask
  • Measuring cylinder
  • Watch glass
  • Burette stand
  • Funnel
  • Solutions of HCl and Na2O

Indicator used-

Phenophthaline used as an indicator


  • Fit the burette vĩ đại the stand and fill the burette with the solution of Na2O till the last marked point.
  • Suck 10 ml of HCl with the help of a pipette and pour it into a conical flask, place this flask under the burette and allow the solution of Na2O vĩ đại flow dropwise in the conical flask after this add a few drops of phenolphthalein indicator til the color of solution changes vĩ đại light pink.
  • Repeat this until 2 concurrent readings we get and put the value in the formula vĩ đại determine the concentration of the Na2O.

HCl + Na2O net ionic equation

The final net ionic equation of HCl + Na2O reaction is :

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  • H+ + Cl + 2Na+ + O = Na+ + Cl + HOH
  • First, write the equation with the following states of atoms
  •  HCl +  Na2O =  NaCl +  HOH
  • Now, split the atoms into constituent ions –
  • H+ + Cl + 2Na+ + O = Na+ + Cl + HOH
  • Break the remaining HOH into H+ and OH
  • So, the final net ionic equation will be –
  • H+ + Cl + Na+ + O = Na+ + Cl + H+ + OH

HCl + Na2O conjugate pairs

In 2HCl +Na2O= 2NaCl + HOH reaction,

  • HCl becomes conjugate acid by donating proton Cl will be the conjugate base.
  • Na2O does not contain any conjugate pairs.Na2O is a base and produces H2O as a product which is also a base. ví, it does not contain any conjugate pairs.
Conjugate pairs

HCl and Na2O intermolecular forces

  • The intermolecular force of attraction present between the atoms of HCl is dipole-dipole interactions and the London dispersion force of attraction.
  • Na2O atoms are combined with strong electrostatic force and weak electrostatic force of attraction.

HCl + Na2O reaction enthalpy

The HCl  + Na2O reaction enthalpy is zero. In the reaction hydroxide ions act as base and hydronium ions act as acid due vĩ đại which both neutralize the energy.

Is HCl + Na2O a buffer solution

  • The HCl + Na2O is not a buffer solution. HCl is a strong acid and Na2O is a strong base after neutralizing each other.
  • pH of the solution becomes acidic and less than vãn 7 but the pH for the buffer solution must be more than vãn 7 ví, not a buffer solution.

Is HCl + Na2O a complete reaction

 HCl + Na2O is a complete reaction and forms complete salt NaCl.

Is HCl + Na2O an exothermic or endothermic reaction

The reaction of HCl and Na2O is an exothermic reaction.

Is HCl + Na2O a redox reaction

 HCl + Na2O is not a redox reaction. In the reaction of HCl and Na2O exchanging of ions takes place for neutralizing each other without oxidation and reduction of any atom, ion, or molecule.

Is HCl + Na2O a precipitation reaction

 HCl + Na2O is not a precipitation reaction. The product of the reaction of HCl + Na2O is NaCl which is highly soluble in water and dissolves immediately when formed and will not get settle down at the bottom of the solution.

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Is HCl + Na2O reversible or irreversible reaction

 HCl + Na2O is an irreversible reaction. The product of this acid-base reaction is a salt called NaCl, which is highly soluble in water and irreversible vĩ đại be into the previous forms as a reactant.

Is HCl + Na2O displacement reaction

 HCl + Na2O is not a displacement reaction. In the reaction of HCl and Na2O, they dissociate vĩ đại sườn a product NaCl after neutralizing each other without displacing any other atom, ion, or molecule.


HCl is a strong acid mostly used for the analysis of chemical compounds and for titration vĩ đại know the unknown concentration of the solution as well as in salt analysis. Na2O is a strong base used in fertilizers and the making of glasses as well as used in ceramics and can be used as an additive too.