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Hydrogen Bromide and methanol are chemical compounds with chemical formulas, HBr and CH3OH respectively. Let us find out more about the reaction between HBr and CH3OH.

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HBr, a hydrogen halide, is a colorless gas that dissolves in water lớn size hydrobromic acid. HBr is nucleophilic in nature due lớn the presence of the electronegative bromide anion. However, CH3OH is an airy liquid.

In this article, we will learn about a few properties of the reaction HBr and CH3OH, lượt thích the type of reaction, the product formed, the mechanism, etc.

What is the product of HBr and CH3OH?

Methyl bromide and water are formed when HBr reacts with CH3OH.

HBr + CH3OH ———> CH3Br+ H2  

What type of reaction is HBr + CH3OH?

HBr + CH3OH is classified as a nucleophilic substitution reaction. Hence, in presence the of a less bulky group such as the methyl group in methanol, the SN2 mechanism is observed for HBr + CH3OH.

How lớn balance HBr + CH3OH?

The equation for the reaction HBr + CH3OH is balanced using the following steps.

HBr + CH3OH= CH3Br+ H2O

  • Calculate the number of moles of each element involved in the reactant and product side of the reaction.
Elements involvedReactant sideProduct side
Number of moles on each side of the reaction
  • From the table, it is observed that the number of moles of each element is equal both in the reactant and product side.
  • Thus, the overall balanced equation is–
  • HBr + CH3OH = CH3Br+ H2O

HBr + CH3OH net ionic equation

Since the reaction between HBr and CH3OH is an organic reaction, it cannot be written as a net ionic equation.

HBr + CH3OH conjugate pairs

  • Br is the conjugate base of HBr.
  • CH3OH being organic in nature does not have a conjugate base.

HBr + CH3OH  intermolecular forces

  • Dipole-dipole interactions as well as dispersion forces are observed for HBr due lớn the high difference in electronegativity of H and Br atoms.
  • Hydrogen bonding is the major intermolecular force in CH3OH. However, London dispersion forces and dipole-dipole interaction are also observed.

HBr + CH3OH  reaction enthalpy

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The enthalpy of formation for HBr + CH3OH reaction is -59.10 kcal/mol.

Is HBr + CH3OH a complete reaction?

HBr + CH3OH is not a complete reaction, as HBr, a weak halide, remains undissociated in the solution due lớn its low dissociation constant (KD).

Is HBr + CH3OH an exothermic reaction?

HBr + CH3OH is an exothermic reaction because the enthalpy of formation is negative.

Is HBr + CH3OH a buffer solution?

The solution between HBr and CH3OH is not a buffer solution as HBr, being a strong acid, dissociates completely in the reaction medium.

Is HBr + CH3OH a redox reaction?

The reaction between HBr and CH3OH is not a redox reaction, as neither oxidation nor reduction of any element takes place simultaneously.

Is HBr + CH3OH an irreversible reaction?

HBr + CH3OH is an irreversible reaction because of the formation of methyl bromide and water. The products cannot spontaneously react back lớn size the reactants.

Is HBr + CH3OH displacement reaction?

The reaction between  HBr and CH3OH is a displacement reaction. This is because the number of reactants and products are equal.


Methanol and Hydrogen Bromide react lớn yield Methyl Bromide as a product. This reaction is one of the most basic examples studied for an SN2 substitution reaction. Also, CH3Br is widely used in the agricultural industry lớn mitigate many kinds of pests and fungi found in soils.

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